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Like her mother before her, Daisy sees love as determined byGothic conventions. Masse writes of heterosexual relationships that,"Every girl, and every Gothic heroine, learns that it is only in themirror of his [the beloved's] regard that she exists, only in theplenitude of his subjectivity that she is whole" (1992: 90). Beforemarriage, Daisy is the insecure one. Daisy undergoes periods of anxiety whenCecil does not write to her: "She would do anything to recover themoment when he asked her to marry him, to recapture that confidence" (HR164). Daisy recalls his phrase about being set on fire by her beauty:"By such a careless phrase could a man waste a woman's youth"(HR 185). To rekindle Cecil's interest, Daisy has Janey write himpassionate letters; Daisy signs the letters without reading them. Cecilbegins to write her daily, to Daisy's relief. Here the underside ofromance comically appears in Janey's letters that border on soft porn.Ironically, while Cecil fantasizes about their potential physical love,Daisy, like a heroine in a fairy tale, waits for her handsome prince to saveher from becoming an old maid. Similarly, as a child Daisy had waited for hergood-looking father to rescue her from her mother's rejection, thenfound his abuse instead.7 After waiting for Cecil for five years,Daisy's beauty dims. When he finally arrives, he is just as good-lookingas he was five years ago. The narrator explains: "Passing women admiredhim and then appraised his mousy partner [Daisy]. Her heart was sore withworship. She felt speechless and despairing" (189). As Masse comments,"women's devaluation enables and maintains men'sovervaluation. . ." (1992: 90). Daisy's abject relation to Cecilsomewhat comically echoes her brief spell as a potential bride of Christ.

These child-women carry a sting under their sweet exteriors. YetBoylan's critique of the Victorian man's stereotypical penchant forsuch child-women becomes more dramatic as Holy Pictures progresses. When hewas twenty-six, Cecil had told Mags he felt inadequate to the role ofpatriarch, terrifying her. Cecil had then explained to Mags that the onlywoman he had ever known who would advise or talk to him adult-to-adult wasJaney; he regarded Janey as a friend, not as a potential lover. Mags did notbelieve him, and told Janey to move out of their house. Mags's inabilityto see that Cecil desires only child- women, not mature women, causes her toreject the wrong sister--Janey not Ba--and to separate her husband fromJaney, his only female friend. 041b061a72


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