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In Unlucky! , Iris and the others were met by Giovanni, who revealed they were the first to be chosen for a special training on how to spot Colress. During the session, they were tutored by Aira, a girl who appeared normal but was in fact Colress's real body. After the session, Iris, Black, and Gorm decided that the other Gym Leaders and elite four were just as prepared as they were when facing Colress, and that if they could contain him, he could no longer be the threat he once was.


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In The Decisive Battle , Dark Steel Kyurem invades the Opelucid City. Iris, Gorm, and Alder meet up with the other Gym Leaders and elite four, and deduce that the cause of the invasion is Colress's attempts to revive Dragonite. When Kyurem released the Dark Stone, its power to freeze everything around it was absorbed, and Kyurem started absorbing nearby Pokmon and making them its minions. With the help of Reshiram, the others manage to chase off Dark Steel Kyurem, and the group was then transported to their next destination, Forest Edge. The group then regrouped at Keldeo's Cave, where Keldeo provided them with the Restoration Wave to cure Kyurem's absorbed Pokmon. After the restoration wave finished, the group was guided by Keldeo to where Mudsdale resides. However, Mudsdale wasn't willing to battle Kyurem, and instead told the group to fight him using the Arena mode. The group chose White and Gorm to use their Dragonite, Reshiram, and Kyurem, with the remaining trainers using their respective starters. When they all were done, White and Gorm left the fight, while the others looked at the stage. Kyurem was about to finish off Mudsdale when it received an order to freeze and absorb the ground around them. At the last second, Iris, Black, and Alder sent out their Pokmon to distract Kyurem. They explained their plan to the others, which involved all of the trainers to use the Stadium Mode to create an energy wave that would cause the battlefield to erupt. With their plan successful, the energy wave reached Kyurem, and Kyurem had a sudden change of heart, and stopped absorbing nearby Pokmon. The next day, they were invited to help Kyurem return to its true form. Reshiram then left the group, and the others were able to see the Pokmon he took with him. After the Pokmon left, Kyurem agreed to return to his original state, and with Reshiram's return, they all returned to their home.


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