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Caution by Qdot: The Track that Showcases His Talent

How to Download Caution by Qdot: A Guide for Nigerian Music Lovers

If you are a fan of Nigerian music, you have probably heard of Qdot, one of the most talented and versatile artists in the industry. His song Caution, which is a cover of 9ice's Gongo Aso, has been making waves since its release in 2018. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Qdot, his song Caution, and how to download it legally and safely.

Who is Qdot and Why You Should Listen to His Music

Qdot is the stage name of Fakoya Qudus Oluwadamilare, a Nigerian singer and songwriter who was born in Ikorodu, Lagos State. He started his musical career in 2010 and has since released several singles and albums that showcase his unique blend of indigenous Yoruba music, afrobeat, fuji, and hip-hop.

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Qdot's Biography and Musical Style

Qdot was born on April 30, 1988, in Ikorodu, Lagos State. He attended United Senior High School and Yaba College of Technology, where he studied General Art. He developed an interest in music at a young age and joined a local music group called Anoba Witches. He later left the group to pursue a solo career.

Qdot's musical style is influenced by his Yoruba culture and heritage, as well as by other genres such as afrobeat, fuji, and hip-hop. He sings mostly in Yoruba language, but also incorporates English and Pidgin into his lyrics. He is known for his catchy hooks, witty wordplay, and social commentary. Some of his musical influences include King Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey, Fela Kuti, Pasuma Wonder, Da Grin, and Olamide.

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Qdot's Popular Songs and Awards

Qdot has released several songs that have become hits among Nigerian music lovers. Some of his most popular songs include Alomo Meta, Ibadan, Ibeere, Orijin, Lalalu, Apala New Skool, Gbese, Koshi Danu, Jaiye, Jegele, Ah!, Magbe, Moriamo, Angeli Mi, Ole (Loot), Ewe (Sheep), Kokanmi (My Ability), Jekin Gbera (Let Me Rise), German (Germany), Olopa (Police), Eleda (Creator), Maria (Mary), Duro (Wait), Eyan Colgate (Colgate Person), Dance (Dance), Parte After Parte (Party After Party), Jaiye Lo (Enjoy Life), Oloti (Drunkard), Yawu (You Are Wicked), Gbemiro Cover (Bless Me Cover), Eleda Mi Masun (My Creator Don't Let Me Sleep), Orin Emi (My Song), Alhaji (Alhaji), Story Change (Story Change), Turn Up (Turn Up), Question (Question), Believe (Believe), Atewo (Atewo), Iso Oru (Night Shift), Worst Cover (Worst Cover), Wo! Refix (Wo! Refix), Ijo Gelede (Dance of Respect), Jalikima (Jalikima), Aare (Aare), Atewo Remix (Atewo Remix), Gbemileke Remix (Gbemileke Remix), Iyanu Mashele Remix (Iyanu Mashele Remix), Angeli Mi Remix (Angeli Mi Remix).

Qdot has also won several awards and nominations for his music, such as the City People Music Award for Best Indigenous Act of the Year, the Nigeria Entertainment Award for Best Indigenous Artist/Group, the Nigerian Music Video Award for Best Afro Pop Video, and the African Muzik Magazine Award for Best Newcomer.

What is Caution and Why It Is a Hit Song

Caution is one of Qdot's most successful songs, which he released in 2018 as a cover of 9ice's Gongo Aso, a classic song from 2008. Caution is a song that celebrates life, love, and success, while also warning against pride, envy, and betrayal. It is a song that appeals to both the young and the old, as it blends the nostalgic vibes of Gongo Aso with the modern sounds of Qdot's style.

Caution's Lyrics and Meaning

The lyrics of Caution are mostly in Yoruba language, with some English and Pidgin words. The song starts with Qdot praising God for his blessings and thanking his fans for their support. He then sings about his journey from being a nobody to becoming a star, and how he overcame the challenges and obstacles that he faced along the way. He also acknowledges his mentors and role models, such as 9ice, Pasuma Wonder, King Sunny Ade, and Fela Kuti.

The chorus of the song is a catchy repetition of the word "caution", which Qdot uses to warn himself and others not to be carried away by fame and fortune, and to be careful of the enemies and haters that may try to bring them down. He also advises his listeners to be humble, grateful, loyal, and respectful, and to enjoy life while it lasts.

The second verse of the song is a tribute to 9ice, the original singer of Gongo Aso, whom Qdot calls his "big brother" and "legend". He expresses his admiration and appreciation for 9ice's music and legacy, and how he inspired him to pursue his own musical career. He also asks for 9ice's permission and blessing to do a cover of his song.

The third verse of the song is a continuation of Qdot's story, where he talks about his current status and achievements in the music industry. He boasts about his popularity, wealth, and influence, and how he has made his family and friends proud. He also mentions some of the awards and nominations that he has received for his music.

The fourth verse of the song is a message to his fans and supporters, whom he calls his "family" and "team". He thanks them for their love and loyalty, and promises to keep making them happy with his music. He also invites them to join him in celebrating his success and happiness.

Caution's Reception and Reviews

Caution was well received by both critics and fans alike, who praised Qdot for his creativity, originality, and respect for 9ice's Gongo Aso. The song was widely played on radio stations, TV channels, clubs, parties, and online platforms. It also generated a lot of positive comments, likes, shares, views, downloads, streams, and ratings. The song was ranked among the top songs of 2018 by various music charts and blogs.

How to Download Caution Legally and Safely

If you are interested in downloading Caution by Qdot to your device or computer, you need to be careful and follow some guidelines to avoid any legal or security issues. Here are some tips on how to download Caution legally and safely.

The Benefits of Downloading Music Legally

Downloading music legally means that you respect the rights and efforts of the artists and producers who created the music, and that you support them financially and morally. Downloading music legally also ensures that you get the best quality and format of the music, and that you avoid any viruses, malware, or spyware that may harm your device or computer. Downloading music legally also helps you avoid any legal troubles or penalties that may arise from violating the copyright laws.

The Best Websites to Download Caution for Free or for a Fee

There are many websites that offer free or paid downloads of Caution by Qdot, but not all of them are reliable, safe, or legal. Some of the websites that we recommend are:





- One of the most popular and trusted Nigerian music websites- Offers high-quality mp3 downloads of Caution and other Qdot songs- Provides lyrics, videos, news, and reviews of Nigerian music- Has a large and active community of music fans and commenters

Free or Paid

- A leading African music streaming and download service- Offers free streaming and download of Caution and other Qdot songs with ads- Offers paid subscription plans for ad-free streaming and download of Caution and other Qdot songs with offline access- Provides lyrics, videos, playlists, charts, and recommendations of African music- Has a social media feature that allows users to interact with artists and other music lovers


- A global music streaming and download service by Apple- Offers paid subscription plans for unlimited streaming and download of Caution and other Qdot songs with offline access- Provides lyrics, videos, playlists, charts, and recommendations of global music- Integrates with iTunes, iCloud, Siri, and other Apple devices and services- Has a radio feature that broadcasts live shows and interviews with artists and celebrities

Free or Paid

- A global music streaming and download service by Spotify- Offers free streaming of Caution and other Qdot songs with ads- Offers paid subscription plans for ad-free streaming and download of Caution and other Qdot songs with offline access- Provides lyrics, vi


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