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[S5E9] Moving Day

The Griffins have a yard sale to sell off household items that they no longer need, but Brian accidentally sells Stewie's teddy bear, Rupert, causing Stewie to think Rupert has been kidnapped. Brian takes Stewie to the toy store to try to find a replacement, but ends up admitting he accidentally sold it, much to Stewie's anger. He attempts to retrieve Rupert by tracking DNA samples against the federal database from the money Brian was paid for Rupert. They discover the man who bought Rupert lives in Quahog, but upon arrival, they discover the house is deserted. They then see a moving truck leaving the house and follow it, with Mayor West driving. West stops at the Connecticut state line, driving them no further. West states his reasoning for this, saying "If I enter Connecticut, I'm entering every state that Connecticut's ever been with", and wishes the pair good luck. After a box falls out of the moving truck, they discover the buyer, Stanford Cordray (Rob Lowe), now resides in Aspen, Colorado. At this point, Stewie and Brian are on their own. The two then make a stop at the Gettysburg National Cemetery after hitchhiking, where Stewie says "you're welcome" to a black tourist, implying that the black man should be thanking white people for ending slavery. To get over the mountains, the pair rent a helicopter after Stewie performs a dance for the man in the office (with help from Gene Kelly) in lieu of cash or card payments, but when Brian crashes the helicopter into the mountain, the two end up next to the entrance to Aspen.

[S5E9] Moving Day

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Lois mocking Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story (2005) (or, as it is called in the scene, Stymie Gruffin: The Untold Story), citing the movie as a "middle finger to the fans" by only being three episodes slapped together under the guise of a movie (followed by Brian calling in two bodyguards in suits to take Lois away) was edited on TV for time reasons.[2][3] A deleted scene showed one of Peter's crimes being a hate crime, where during his stunt he hit a car with a Jewish driver. The televised scene changed the Jewish driver to a female virgin driver and the crime being a rape (her airbag having busted her hymen when it deployed) and not a hate crime.[3][4] The scene of Stewie getting high on NyQuil to cope with losing Rupert and mistaking a throw pillow for a cat was cut from TV airings for time reasons.[3][4] David Goodman noted that he feels the production crew may not have succeeded on this episode as everything falls into place easily,[3] such as the box falling out of the moving truck.[3] Every frame when Stewie is dancing in a montage of Anchors Aweigh took a large amount of work to produce.[2][5]

Mack, Yo-Yo and Flint launch a revolution against the Kree by fighting a team of Kree Reapers. When Kasius gets word of this, he puts in place a plan to detonate bombs to destroy several levels of the Lighthouse if the humans do not turn Flint over to him. Kasius sends Tess - recently revived by Kree blood - to deliver his message to the rebellious humans. Mack attempts to disarm the bombs, but soon realizes this will take too long to be an effective countermeasure to Kasius' plans. Mack and Yo-Yo send Tess back to Kasius to tell him that if he doesn't meet with them, they'll destroy genetic samples and Terrigen crystals that allow the Kree to produce new humans and Inhumans. Kasius reluctantly agrees to meet with Mack and Yo-Yo in person, taking Tess and a few Kree reapers with him for security. While the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents keep Kasius talking, Gunner and a few others move the bombs to a lower level of the Lighthouse while moving the rest of the humans further up. After Flint gives them word that everything is in place, Yo-Yo goads Kasius into detonating his bombs. The humans are far enough away from the explosion. Once Kasius realizes his plan has failed, Mack, Yo-Yo, Flint and Tess escape behind an explosion of their own, leaving behind a furious Kasius.

At the Empire, Blair shows up and asks Chuck about his recent transformation. Chuck then asks her what she is doing and Blair states that she is trying to find out how he became good so that she can help Louis do the same. At the Spectator, William arrives to talk to Nate about the story about Maureen. Nate says that he is going to publish it as soon as he discovers more and talks to Tripp. William agrees. Back in the VDW's, Charlie/Ivy and Carol talk about needing money for an apartment in front of Cece. Cece sees through this and confronts Carol about always using her for money. Carol then says that she is trying to get close to her daughter, which is something Cece can not understand. After she leaves, Cece falls down on the couch and Charlie/Ivy finds a bottle of pills in her purse. Cece asks her to give her some water, which she does. Meanwhile, Max gets a message from Serena saying that she wants to take a raincheck on the cake, and her cousin and her have a very busy day. He then leaves Charlie/Ivy a message stating that she has 24 hours until he reveals her identity. Max then shows up at the Waldorfs with a cake for the party and tells Serena that he is over his ex. Serena asks him to come with her to the party and present the cake to Cece, but he refuses saying that it would be moving too fast, but he wants to go on a date with her tomorrow. Back at the VDW's, Charlie/Ivy gives Cece ginger tea and asks if she is alright. Cece then asks her why Carol wanted money which she replies that she is the one who did. Cece then tells her that she will give the money tomorrow.

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