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Thief Of Baghdad Zee Tv Full Drama _TOP_

Shortly after invading the city of Baghdad with his army and brutally vanquishing a secret rebellion led by Mukhtar, a spiritual leader and revolutionary, Jafar is informed by Shah Jinn and his sorceress aide Badi about a prospect which can greatly assist him in achieving his seemingly overwhelming objective. Jafar must convince a princess belonging to a peaceful kingdom of fairies to marry him of her own volition in order to gain complete authority and control over the inhabitants of both realms. Immediately, he decides to interrupt the birthday celebration of the beautiful princess Yasmeen and take her away from her kingdom to imprison her in his palace full of grim spells preventing her from escaping back to her home. As the princess begins to develop feelings of despair and anguish, hope appears in the form of a notorious thief known only throughout the city as the 'Thief of Baghdad', a sly and artful hero who steals from the rich to help the poor and oppressed.

thief of baghdad zee tv full drama


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