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What is 1X2 Bet - Things to Know to Bet 1X2

What is 1×2 bet, how are 1X2 betting odds determined,... Are questions that newbies in football betting often wonder about when they first start gambling. The 1X2 format is popular in the realm of betting, being one of the main types of football wagers. If you're still unsure about this type of bet, let's refer to the information best betting tips below from Wintips.

What is 1×2 bet?

When it comes to football betting, players can choose the suitable betting format for themselves because bookmakers offer a variety of rewards on the pitch. Some main popular formats include: Asian handicap betting, over/under bets, and 1/2 bets. These are three types of bets that appear on almost every betting platform with diverse odds. Particularly, 1×2 bet is a low-capital betting format with attractive rewards and high winning probabilities.

What is 1X2 Bet? 1X2 is a European-style betting with 3 outcomes and 2 symbols: 1 - X - 2, corresponding to win, draw, and lose. The result will be determined based on the score of each half or the final score depending on the player's choice.

Understanding the terms, one can analyze the odds and place bets, making this a straightforward betting format. Therefore, many bettors participate in betting and choose 1X2 as a means of earning money on the pitch.

What are the characteristics of 1X2 bet?

Every betting type has its own advantages and disadvantages when players engage in gambling. Understanding the characteristics of 1X2 bet makes it easy to recognize that.


In terms of advantages, 1X2 is a simple football betting method with high profits, worth investing in. Specifically:

1X2 betting rules are easy to understand, with clear betting options suitable for both novice bettors and seasoned players.

High probability of correct betting, high winning rates, and opportunities to win big rewards from major bookmakers, which is why European-style betting is favored and chosen by many bettors.

1X2 betting odds are based on European odds, so the final betting winnings are extremely high, with rewards often reaching 40 to 50 times the initial bet, which is quite normal.


Players engaging in betting need to grasp the terms in 1X2 betting, understand the significance of each betting option, and know how to analyze European odds. Besides, because the result is determined based on the overall outcome to determine the winning and losing sides, this requires bettors to have the technique of analyzing odds and predicting match scores.

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What is 1X2 Betting - Detailed Betting Guide

Understanding what 1X2 betting is allows players to delve into the betting process to engage in sports betting. This type of betting offers three options: 1, 2, and X, each with its significance:

1: Represents the home team winning, with the away team losing.

2: Indicates the home team losing and the away team winning overall.

X: Represents the bettor's prediction of both teams ending in a draw with equal scores.

To help you gain a more detailed understanding of what 1X2 betting entails, here are some examples. Consider a 1X2 betting scenario in a match between Manchester United (MU) and Manchester City:

The bookmaker sets the odds for MU as the home team at 1.37 and for Man City at 8.75. If a player places a bet of 200,000 VND, there are three possible outcomes for each choice:

Choosing the home team, i.e., MU to win: If MU wins, the player receives 200,000 x 1.37 = 274,000 VND. If MU loses or the match ends in a draw, the player loses the initial 200,000 VND bet.

Choosing the away team, i.e., Man City to win: If Man City wins, the player receives 200,000 x 8.75 = 1,750,000 VND as winnings. Conversely, if Man City loses, the player loses the bet, and the one who chose the home team wins.

Choosing the draw option (X): If both teams end in a draw after 90 minutes of official play, the player who bet on X receives 200,000 x 4.25 = 850,000 VND in profit. If one team leads, the bettor who chose X loses the initial 200,000 VND bet.

Sharing Some Winning 1X2 Betting Knowledge

Reputable bookmakers provide valuable information on betting odds. Understanding these betting principles and strategies can enhance your chances of winning.

Evaluate the capabilities of both teams before betting by researching their current form and performance. If there's little difference in form or ranking between the teams, prioritize the home team's advantage.

Manage your betting capital wisely by dividing your funds across different matches and betting options. Avoid rash decisions, such as betting all your money on a single outcome, as it can lead to loss of control and potential losses.

Stay updated on changes in 1X2 betting odds before matches and adjust your betting accordingly if there are significant increases or decreases. This ensures a rational approach to betting.


In this guide, we've provided a detailed betting tips website explanation of what 1X2 betting entails. We hope you now have a better understanding of this betting format and can participate in sports betting with high-quality matches and attractive rewards.


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