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Wilbur Outfit At Happy Life Sims

On April 29, Ranboo visited Phil and told him of the events leading up to Wilbur's resurrection. At first, Phil expressed happiness that Wilbur was revived, and asked how Wilbur was feeling. Ranboo also revealed that Wilbur was happy to see Tommy and Tubbo, but believed that he created the crater at L'Manberg. Wilbur also recognized Ghostbur on the train, indicating that they were two separate entities. Ranboo explained that Wilbur is happy, but was stuck in the afterlife for what he experienced for around thirteen years. Phil then stated that Wilbur might have become a different person, as that long of a time alone can hurt. Phil said that he needed to be ready for when Wilbur would visit him. Phil told Ranboo that he might know where Wilbur could be and then headed off to go find Wilbur, leaving Ranboo at his base.

Wilbur Outfit at Happy Life Sims




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